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Valentines Jewellery

Here you will find a selection of heart jewellery suitable for gifts for women on any occasion but particularly suitable for Valentine's Day and as a special romantic Christmas gift. There are many more dichroic glass hearts to be found as well as other jewellery equally suitable for personal gifts - this page has just a few ideas selected from the catalogue with a heart theme.

rose quartz heart jewellery

Large Rose Quartz Handmade Heart Valentine's Jewellery

£55.95 PRQ41 Width of heart approx 4cm

heart pendant

rainbow heart pendant

Glass and Silver Heart Handmade Jewellery

£157.95 PGH62 width of heart 3.8cm

handcrafted dichroic heart necklace

heart earrings

Amethyst Hearts and Silver Handmade Jewellery

£33.95 EAM50 hearts 9mm wide

amethyst purple heart earrings

designer valentines gift

Rose Quartz Heart and Silver Handmade Valentine's Jewellery Gifts

£46.95 PRQ31 Width 3cm

rose quartz valentines necklace

mother of pearl necklace

Mother of Pearl hearts with Silver Handmade Jewellery

Pendant £59.95 PMP7

mother of pearl jewellery

heart turquoise earrings

Silver and Turquoise Hearts Handmade Jewellery

Turquoise Earrings £32.95 ETUR11 hearts 12mm

handmade turquoise necklace

rhodochrosite heart jewellery

Rhodochrosite and Silver Designer Heart Jewellery

£44.95 PRHOD5 Width 4.4cm

rhodochrosite necklace

amethyst faceted jewelry

6 carat Faceted Amethyst and Silver Handmade Heart Jewellery

Pendant £385.95 PAM101 width of pendant 1.6 cm

amethyst faceted jewellery

unusual rose quartz jewellery

Rose Quartz and Silver Handmade Jewellery

£38.95 PRQ45

heart earrings

jewellery prices

handcrafted jewellery shop

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