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Unakite is also known as Epidot wich comes from the Greek word meaning growing together this is because it is a combination of quartz, peach feldspar jasper and green epidot. It is often carved into eggs and animal figures as well as used in jewellery and is thought to balance emotions and have a calming effect.

unakite and silver wire designed necklace

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Two unakite round gemstones held within a wound Silver wire design PU8 £49.95 length cm OUT OF STOCK


contemporary unakite necklace

beautiful unakitejewellery

Unakite gemstone held jauntily in a contemporary silver oval frame PU10 £49.95 length cm OUT OF STOCK


small silver heart with unakite pendant

unakite gemstone jewellery

Unakite with browns and greens held in a silver heart PU9 £49.95 OUT OF STOCK

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