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Handmade Silver Jewellery 925 UK

Unique handcrafted silver jewelry with matching sets and one off pieces something a little bit different. From chunky to fine silver jewellery designs to suit most tastes. Sterling Silver 925 quality Wire and sheets of silver have been used to create this silver jewellery - our excusive designs will make an extra special gift.

Silver has been used as currency like gold for its value which fluctuates from year to year. The value has increased considerably since this shop opened in fact during the period 2006 to 2011 it more than tripled in price so is being increasingly seen as an alternative to gold for investment purposes. It is one of only three precious metals and is becoming more valuable as the general view is that there are only 30 more years of mining left in the world. It is mainly found in Mexico, Chile, Australia, Poland and Peru. It has the chemical symbol Ag which comes from the word Argentum which means shining white an apt description.

As well as being used to make fine Silver Jewellery - silver has many industrial uses due to it's high thermal and conductivity properties including being used in circuit boards and speaker wires. Silver also has medical uses - it is used in bandages to prevent the spread of infection, in water purification and interestingly has recently been used as a coating on door handles to help prevent the spread of infection. Silver is the best conductor of electricity but because of its value copper is generally used instead. Silver is used in the photographic industry within the processing chemicals. Sterling silver cutlery has long been considered the most exclusive and is often passed down through the generations as a family heirloom. Silver has become more and more popular as an alternative to gold due to the more fashionable and contemporary feel of the colour in its use in silver jewellery.

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Handmade Silver Jewellery

silver jewellery

5 stars - Handmade Silver Jewellery - "Beautifully made, very unusual and eyecatching jewellery. It was just as pictured on the website. Speedy delivery, well packaged"- C Wilder

"This is the 2nd time I have ordered from Semina and once again I was not disappointed. The necklace I ordered 2 days ago arrived this morning. The quality is superb and will make a perfect birthday present for my friend. I am really delighted with my purchase which I feel is really good value for money. I will certainly make further purchases in the future"

Silver Jewellery Unusual Orb Pendant

£92.95 P28 width 3cm

silver jewellery uk

silver jewellery abacus beads necklace

Silver Heavy Handmade Jewellery Woven Beads on heavy sheet silver inspired by the abacus.

P48 £455.95 silver sheet 3cm x 2cm

silver necklace with beads

silver jewellery 2 two hearts jewellery

Silver Contemporary Handmade Jewellery

2 hearts pendant £63.95 P27 Length 3.3cm

contemporary silver jewelry

silver jewellery stamped with love  you

Silver Contemporary Handmade Jewellery with words Love U

£154.95 P59 Length 3.3cm

contemporary silver jewelry

silver jewellery  with words love always

Silver Handmade Jewellery with the words Love Always

£154.95 P60 Length 5cm x 9mm

silver unique jewellery

silver jewellery handmade silver heart

Silver Heart Pendant £51.95 P34

heart shape jewellery

silver unique jewellery

Unique Light Delicate Silver Jewellery

£39.95 P46 length 4cm

unique silver pendant

unusual silver round links jewellery

Silver Unique Circle Link Jewellery

£63.95 P45

unique silver jewellery

unusual silver wire jewellery

Unique Silver Handmade Jewellery

£84.95 P49 Width 4.8cm

silver necklace

contemporary silver round  jewellery

Silver Handmade Jewellery - round swirls necklace

P58 £83.95 width 3.5cm

sterling silver 925 jewellery

silver jewellery unique crocheted

Silver Contemporary Handmade Jewellery

£76.95 P25 3.2cm wide

designer silver jewellery

silver jewellery necklace

Silver Handmade Jewellery

£71.95 P57 width 3.4cm

textured silver jewellery

silver extra long necklace with heart

Extra Long Silver Necklace Heart on heavy circular link chain length approx 32 inch

Necklace £399.95 N16 also available with lighter oval chain £210

silver longnecklace

Silver Handmade Jewellery

£34.95 P57 width 3.4cm

textured silver jewellery

unique silver jewellery modern style

Unique Unusual Silver Handmade Jewellery

£57.95 P51 Length 3.5cm

silver unique jewellery

silver exclusive necklace

Contemporary Art Jewellery

£62.95 P32 length 4.5cm

contemporary silver necklace

silver designer necklace

Large Silver Handmade Jewellery

£106.95 P11 Length 7.5cm

large silver handmade pendant

silver specially made necklace

Silver Jewellery with infinity symbol within the design

£88.95 P56 length 6cm

silver ear rings

contemporary silver pendant

Silver Contemporary Handmade Jewellery

Pendant £65.95 P10 Width 3cm

silver contemporary pendant

textured silver necklace

Lightweight Textured Light Sheet Silver Jewellery Designer necklace

£59.95 P41 length 5.5cm

handmade silver textured necklace

silver designer pendant

Silver Waves Handmade Jewellery

Pendant £79.95 P18 Width 3cm

sterling silver pendant

handmade silver necklace

Silver Handmade Jewellery - Necklace

£164.95 N14 Pendant width 6.7cm Chain length 21 inch with chunky strong clasp.

silver one off pendant

round beads silver jewellery

Silver Jewellery - necklace with Moving Silver beads

£39.95 P36 width 2.2cm

Review - I very much enjoyed your web site and placing my telephone order was an easy and friendly experience. The silver necklace arrived very promptly, with the 16 inch chain as requested and when my daughter received it at Christmas, she was delighted with the design and the quality and has worn it many times already.

silver necklace with silver beads

silver namaste jewellery

Jewellery stamped with word Namaste

£36.95 P13 4.5cm x 2.4cm

silver pendant

unique silver jewellery cage

Unique Silver Handmade Jewellery Cage of silver suspended in frame

£35.95 P47 Length 5cm

hand made silver bracelet

silver arrow pendant

Silver Jewllery - Arrow within oval

£31.95 P8 Length 4cm

silver one off pendant

silver necklace with heart

Silver Handmade Jewellery with dangling heart

£39.95 P39 width 3cm

silver necklace with silver heart

necklace with floating silver beads

Unusual Circle of Life Jewellery with floating beads 3 D effect

£38.95 P65 width 2.3cm

silver pendant

contemporary silver pendant

Silver Contemporary Jewellery

£28.95 P64 width 27mm

silver ear rings

textured silver jewellery

Silver Jewellery Sheet Curved and textured to represent a scroll

£29.95 P62 width 2.3cm

silver jewellery

unusual silver jewellery

Unusual Silver Jewellery

£32.95 P63 length 5cm

silver pendant

handmade silver necklace

Silver Handmade Necklace with loop at bottom which can have personal pendant added or worn as is

£98.95 N15 Length of chain approx 50 cm

silver handmade necklace

hummingbird silver jewellery

Large one off Hummingbird Pendant

£60.95 PHUM width 6.7cm length 6.5cm

hummingbird jewellery

silver pendant with heart charm

Silver Jewellery with heart charm

£32.95 P67 length 3.4cm

silver pendant

silver jewelry

Silver One off jewellery

£32.95 P68 length cm

silver pendant

silver pendant with spiral centre

Silver Jewellery

£32.95 P69 width cm

silver pendant

Reviews of one off silver items

"I would have no hesitation in recommending Silver Wire Designs to anyone considering purchasing jewellery"

"The item was purchased as a gift and I am delighted with it. The price for a handmade piece was much lower than I would expect and delivery was fast and well packaged with a lovely gift box. Excellent"

"Ordered a gorgeous necklace which arrived very quickly with excellent packaging. Very good value for money. Will definitely check this website next time I need a present" P19

"We regularly buy from Semina at Silver Wire for friends for a variety of occasions and ages. Without exception all recipients have been delighted" P14

"A wonderful product, great effort made to meet my requirements. Would recommend to all my friends"

"I love jewelry especially the handmade ones. I am always interested to find good places to purchase some. So while I was navigating on the internet few months ago looking for handmade online jewelry stores, I found this awesome site where they have this unique Silver Pendant I fell in love with and had to buy it. I was so thrilled when I received the package, which happened the next day. Great customer service, I must say."

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