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Opalite Jewellery

opalite jewellery necklace

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Opal Moonstone and Silver Handmade Tower Pendant £40.95 POMO6

Opalite Jewelry

opalite unusual glass necklace with rainbow sheen

gift for ladies

Opal Moonstone and Silver Pendant with heart charm £42.95 POMO13

opal moonstone elegant jewellery

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Opal Moonstone and Silver Pendant £39.95 POMO4

opal moonstone jewellery

silver moonstone heart jewellery

Opal Moonstone Heart and Silver £40.95 POMO12

Opalite also known as Opal Moonstone is man made glass finished using the same processes as gemstones to create pretty milky white and blue and rainbow relfections. Often confused with Opal and Moonstone - found in the Gemstones Department - which are natural gemstones it has a distinctive translucence about it and a popular choice. It works particularly well with evening wear.

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opalite jewellery