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Necklaces are traditionally classified by length and given names. The Choker is 14 - 16 inch, the Princess length is 18 to 20 inches, the Matinee 22 - 23 inches, the Opera 30-35 inch and the Rope is any necklace longer than 35 inch.

Unusual Handmade Silver Necklaces

wedding necklace

Pearl and Silver Necklace

£179.95 NP11 length 55cm 5cm pearls

pretty pearl necklace

pearl handmade jewellery

Pearl and Silver Handmade Necklace

Necklace with drop feature £250.95 NP12 Length 48cm excluding drop 4cm

handmade links necklace

handmade silver necklace

Silver Handmade Necklace

£164.95 N14 Pendant width 6.7cm Chain length 21 inch

silver necklaces

amethyst backless dress necklace

Amethyst and Silver Backless Dress or Long Necklace

Backless Dress Necklace £355.95 NAM2 Adjustable length with back drop suitable for wearing with a backless dress. Length of chain 80cm excluding drops front 5.5 rear 3.75

amethyst drop necklace

silver necklace with pearl drop

Pearl and Silver Handmade Necklace

Necklace with drop feature £225.95 NP10 Length 49cm excluding drop 5cm

silver necklace with pearl drop

silver necklace

Extra Long Silver Necklace Heart on heavy circular link chain length approx 32 inch

Necklace £399.95 N16 also available with lighter oval chain £210

silver handmade links necklace

handmade links necklace

Silver Designer Handmade necklace

Necklace £265.95 N12 56.5cm bracelet and earring to match available

silver handmade links necklace

backless dress necklace

Chalcedony and Silver Handmade Gemstone Jewellery

Necklace with back drop feature suitable for wearing with backless dress or as an extra hanging feature. Adjustable length necklace.

£375.00 NCHAL1

blue heart gemstone pendant

handmade necklace

Silver Handmade necklace with feature pendant

£295.95 N13 Length 46.5cm excluding drop 6cm

silver necklace with silver heart

delicate pearl necklace

Pearl and Silver Handcrafted One Off Delicate light Necklace crocheted with the appearance of lace

£142.95 NP14 Length of chain 41.5cm from side of feature

pearl necklace

handmade silver necklace

Silver Handmade Necklace with loop at bottom which can have personal pendant added or worn as is.

£298.95 N15 Length of chain approx 50 cm

silver handmade necklace

pearl necklace

Delicate Pearl and Silver Necklace with a vintage look

£144.95 NP15

silver necklace with pearl drop

choker silver necklace

Glass and Silver Choker Style Necklace

£168.95 NGL1

silver choker necklace

wedding jewellery set

Pearl and Pink Glass hearts with Silver crocheted delicate necklace

Set £152.95 PPGL2 necklace length 43cm

wedding jewellery set
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5 stars - Necklaces - "The necklace was a birthday present and was loved. Service, price and delivery time were excellent. I would definitely buy from Silver Wire Designs again"

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