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Gemstones and Glass knitted with sterling silver 925 wire to produce original art jewellery.

Art Jewellery

When you think of knitted jewellery you may traditionally expect yarn or wool. I have used sterling silver wire in a modern way to create some unusual knitted jewellery. I also use crocheting and random sewing in the irems on this page. There are many ways this can be expanded on and I will be adding more designs as and when I have time. They are made without joins so need care and patience - joins would detract from the designs so these are made when I am feeling calm. Hope you like them. If you would like to see a different gemstone in this collection let me know and I will make it a priority.

rose quartz knitted silver jewellery necklace

Chunky Rose Quartz and Silver Knitted Pendant

£85.95 PRQ10

jewellery pink rose quartz

aquamarine crocheted silver jewellery

Aquamarine and Crocheted Silver Gemstones crocheted using silver wire then sewn into a silver frame

£188.95 PAQ78 width 1.8cm

aquamarine crocheted jewellery

knitted silver and pearl pendant for brides

Large Pearl and Knitted Silver Handmade Bridal Jewellery

Feature Pendant £285.95 PP29 length 9cm x 5cm

handmade pearl pendant

knitted silver necklace

Sterling Silver Handbag Pendant - wire knitted onto a frame with colourful glass cubes

£58.95 PGL120 Knitted Silver and Glass

purse shaped necklace

knitted silver bracelet and earrings set

Gemstone and Silver Oval Knitted Bracelet and Earrings

knitted gemstone earrings

This set shows Sapphires and Onyx but other gemstones can be chosen including Amethyst, Garnet, Pearl etc. Bracelet BK1 £365.95 Earrings EGK1 £85.95 Email for details.

garnet knitted jewellery

Garnet and Silver Knitted Pendant

PG38 £78.95 Width 2.5cm

garnet silver knitted pendant

basket necklace

Pearl and Silver Handcrafted Unusual Jewelry

Silver Knitted with pearls and moulded into a basket shape £56.95 PP77 width 1.8cm

unusual nest knitted jewelry

knitted silver and cubes pendant

Glass Cubes and Silver knitted into frame

Knitted Silver Pendant PGL06 £79.95 width 3cm

knitted silver jewellery

blue topaz knitted sale jewellery

Blue Topaz Clusters knitted into round frame and flowing over like a waterfall

Hand Knitted Silver Pendant £88.95 PBT2

blue gemstone pendant

garnet peridot knitted handmade gemstone jewelry

Garnet Peridot and Silver in Silver Frame Handmade Jewelry

Knitted Pendant £54.95 PGPE2

semi precious jewellery

lapiz lazuli knitted silver jewellery

Lapiz Lazuli Handmade Jewellery

Knitted Silver Pendant £68.95 PLL8 Length 4cm

lapiz knitted jewellery

knitted citrine silver pendant

Citrine knitted and sewn onto a silver frame

Knitted Pendant £65.95 PCIT1

citrine knitted silver necklace

red jade knitted earrings

Red Jade and Silver Handmade Jewellery

Knitted Silver Earrings £90.95 EWRJ1 2.8cm wide

jade and silver earrings

pearl ball jewellery

Pearl and Silver Knitted section which was then formed into a ball shape

£86.95 PP87 width of ball 1.7cm

pearl ball jewellery

unusual carnelian jewellery

Unusual Carnelian and Silver Handmade knitted Jewellery hanging from silver frame

£54.95 PCAR65 width 2.6cm

unusual carnelian knitted jewellery

fluorite crocheted jewellery

Fluorite and Silver Crocheted randomly onto frame

£53.95 PFL4 gems 1cm

handmade fluorite crocheted jewellery

crocheted moonstone jewellery

Small Rainbow Moonstone Crocheted within a Silver Frame

£195.95 PMO13 Length 5cm

rainbow moonstone knitted jewelry

citrine knitted jewellery

Citrine knitted with silver and held at a jaunty angle in a teardrop frame

Knitted pendant £55.95 PCIT21

designer citrine earrings

pearl unusual jewellery

Pretty pearl and silver pendant

£43.95 PP55 length 4cm

pearl gift necklace

yellow teardrop necklace

Glass and Knitted Silver with random sewing with Yellow Teardrop Glass

£57.95 PGLC14 Length 4.4cm

silver knitted necklace

knitted pearl and silver jewllery

Pearl and Silver Handcrafted Knitted Boho Jewelry which is sewn over the knitting to create a non uniform look

Delicate Knitted Pendant £44.95 PP86

pearl necklace

delicate gemstone earrings

Amethyst and Peridot Crocheted Earrings

Earrings £29.95 EAMPE1 Length 2cm

amethyst peridot silver earrings

crocheted jade and silver jewellery

Multi Coloured Jade and silver Crocheted Pendant above SOLD please ask

unusual knitted jewellery

PP47 Knitted Silver Pendant with pearls above SOLD please ask for delivery time

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Review - "I am very interested in wire jewelery and stumbled across your site via Google. All I can say is WOW. Your stuff is really really beautiful." T Stewart

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