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Born in Winchmore Hill, North London, people often ask where I find the inspiration for my designs - I would say probably from my life experiences combined with the things I have seen along the way. As a child I enjoyed music having studied the piano, flute, ballet, tap, acting and singing, I sang twice at the Royal Festival Hall in a choir, an amazing experince singind first soprano for Haydn's Creation and Vivaldis Gloria and appeared on TV regularly singing and dancing in a group called Kids International on the Les Dawson Show where we sang with the late Les Dawson and Lena Zaveroni. Funnily enough I found out recently that my name Semina comes from Asimina in Greek which means Silver and my name in arabic means expensive.

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I have been fortunate to have travelled extensively especially during my formative years when I stayed with families rather than in hotels so experienced cultures first hand. I have no doubt been touched by the people and places I have visited over the years. Architecture has always inspired me from the many beautiful buildings in central London to Gaudi's designs in Barcelona. I find the colourful traditional costumes and clothing I have seen around the world especially in Mexico and Asia stimulating and have enjoyed visiting markets filled with the most beautiful colourful fabrics. These have left lasting images in my mind which I can draw on when designing. Landscapes from deserts to mountains and simply the many colourful sights I have seen around the world have all contributed to my designs. I caught the creative bug early in life and have always had a fascination for both contemporary jewellery and traditional finding the ornate bridal jewelry in Asia particularly interesting.


Being interested in textiles and all forms of art and handmade craft I have produced some contemporary textured fabric wall art using silk. I also won a readers' award for my fashion designs featured in Brides Magazine.

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Working as a photographic assistant and stylist in London I was involved with shoots on products for advertizing using large format plate cameras as well as celebrities for magazine covers all very interesting jobs. I also worked on fashion and beauty shots and as a focus puller for a couple of pop videos for the bands Pop Will Eat Itself and The Primitives - Thru the Flowers track. I was particularly interested in the use of lighting techniques and textures.

I also work the other side of the camera acting, presenting and modelling and have worked as a background artist, featured artist or stand in on over 50 films including Bourne 5, Bond Skyfall, Wonderwoman, Bridget Jones Baby, Johnny English Strikes Again, Suffragette, Aladdin, Mission Impossible and Hobbs and Shaw and many TV productions including Luther, Humans, Criminal, Shakespeare and Hathaway,The Honorable Woman, Gangs of London, Wild Bill, Lucky Man, Blinded by the light, Gigglebiz and with lines on Eastenders and Doctors. I enjoy being on set and have worn some beautiful costumes and visited places I would otherwise never have seen. Because of my look I have worked as Israeli, Russian, French, Brazilian, Arab, Turkish, Egyptian, Palestinian amongst others and have learnt a few words in many languages for use on set. These experiences are inspiring and add to my ability to create as I am exposed to some unusual fabrics, sets and props as well as interesting people.

I studied Silversmithing in London and despite having a toddler and baby at home decided to take the plunge in 2006 and start the Jewellery business Silver Wire Designs. I have experience coding and so have been able to create the website and keep it current.

Numerous techniques are used including knitting, crocheting and weaving silver combined with traditional silversmithing and wire wrapping, to create the finished effect. Sometimes when making a piece it may evolve into something else and I often have strange images of patterns in the middle of the night which are transfered into new designs - that is if I have the energy to get up and draw them before I forget - I find the whole process quite exciting. You can say I work intuitively especially when working on bespoke orders. Skills in design and website design as well as photography enable me to make a piece and upload it immediately to the website so keeping the website very current

I won the International Designers' 'Rising Star' Competition in September 2007 in the Handcrafted Jewellery Category. The 'Rising Star' Competition was open to independent and emerging fashion and jewellery designers from all over the world in the categories - Jewellery, Haute Couture, Ready to wear and Handcrafted Jewellery. The winners came from the UK, Canada, United Arab Emirates and Japan. To win the award I was chosen for demonstrating the following traits:

- Professional and business minded approach to market - Consistency in producing high quality designs and products - A high degree of customer focus ❨need identification and fulfilment❩ - A sustainable business model, coupled with dedication to fashion

In November 2008 Silver Wire Designs was a finalist in the Hunts Post Business Awards in the Internet Category. My designs have also featured in many magazines including Vogue and Tatler.

The Silver is hallmarked when appropriate with my personal makers mark - initials SL in a forward arrow shape the other marks represent the metal purity mark 925 showing that the item is sterling silver the lion showing that my work is hallmarked by the London Assay Office the date mark and traditional fineness mark. I use only the finest quality pure silver and choose not to plate or coat it at all so you are buying just silver which I am told is better for people with allergies who are often reacting to the coatings and platings rather than the silver on jewellery.

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I love to receive feedback from customers as it is nice to know how my work is received. If you wish to be kept updated I have a news feed, and social networking pages. I also produce a monthly newsletter by email.

I enjoy making jewellery and get a great sense of satisfaction to find that it is also giving pleasure to others.

Thank you for visiting and hope to be of service. I am available by email most of the time even outside normal office hours. Hope you find this page of interest. Kind Regards Semina

Semina Lewis

Jewellery Designer

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