handmade silver jewellery

Jade Silver Handmade Jewellery

handmade jade silver jewellery

green jade and silver pendant

Green Jade and Silver Contemporary Jewellery £58.95 PGJ8 jade 1cm

Green Jade is traditionally used for stamps and seals because to the Chinese Jade symbolises the inner beauty of humans. In 2012 a 250 year old jade seal belongin to an Emperor was sold at auction for £3.4 million.

Green Jade Jewellery

green jade jewellery

green jade and silver jewellery

Jade and Silver Oval Spiral£56.95 PGJ14 Jade 1cm

Review - "I was looking for a piece of jade jewellery for a gift and found Silver Wire Designs via Google. They had by far the biggest selection, all reasonably priced. The pendant I chose arrived within two days. It was as good as it looked in the illustration, of high quality and, contrary to another review, was in a really nice presentation box. The service was very efficient and arrived within perfect time. It made a wonderful gift as it was something a little bit different. The quality was great and overall was really happy with the purchase"

jade silver jewellery

green jade gift

Green Jade and Silver Handmade Unusual Jewellery £55.95 PGJ6 jade 1cm

green jade unusual necklace

green jade and silver earrings
green jade and silver necklace

Jade and Silver Handmade Jewellery £58.95 PGJ13 Width 3.5cm gem 1cm

green jade jewellery set

Jade and Silver Handmade Jewellery Set £44.95 PGJ12 Jade 1cm

contemporary jade jewelry

Earrings £29.95 EGJ1 gem 1cm

Review for this item - I ordered both the green jade earrings EGJ1 and green jade necklace PGJ10 for a wedding. The items arrived much quicker than expected which was brilliant. Both items were of high quality and the packaging was excellent. Overall I was pleased with the products and service and would definitely recommend Silver Wire Designs

green jade and silver earrings

jade and silver earrings

jade earrings

Green Jade Dangly Earrings £44.95 EGJ4 Jade 1cm

Review - "I ordered a jade pendant and earrings, they are beautiful even nicer real than in the picture, they were despatched next day as promised, I would highly recommend this jewellery"

unusual jade necklace

light green jade necklace

Jade and Silver Handmade Jewellery Two khaki green jade gemstones in Oval framework £45.95 PGJ18 Jade 6mm Width 2cm

jade jewellery set

jade and silver handmade gift for her

Khaki Green three Jade and Silver Pendant £46.95 PGJ17 Width 2.9 cm

column jade earrings

contemporary jade jewellery

Khaki Jade and Silver Earrings £33.95 EGJ7 Jade 4-6mm

jade birthday jewellery gift

silver and jade jewellery

Green Jade Rectangle and Silver Jewellery Set

Pendant and Earring Set £99.95 PJ8 Jade pillows approx 14mm x 10mm

jade bracelet

silver and jade bracelet

Green Jade Rectangle and Silver Handmade Jewellery Bracelet £139.95 BGJ2

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