handmade silver jewellery

Heart Jewellery

aquamarine designer heart jewellery

Aquamarine and Silver Handmade Jewellery £260.95 PAQ7 width 2.7cm

aquamarine unusual jewellery

heart jewellery

Glass and Silver Heart Handmade Jewellery £157.95 PGH62 width of heart 3.8cm

handcrafted dichroic heart necklace

agate valentines heart jewellery

heart agate valentines gift

Heart Agate with Silver hearts pendant £48.95 PAG13

onyx heart jewellery

brown heart jewellery

Black Onyx Heart and Silver Valentines Jewellery Gift £42.95 PONX5 see matching earrings

silver necklace

Extra Long Silver Necklace Heart on heavy circular link chain length approx 32 inch

Necklace £399.95 N16

extra long heart necklace

amethyst jewellery heart shaped handmade wire jewellery

designer jewellery

Popular Heart Shaped Gift crammed with Amethysts a great gift for a loved one. £83.95 PWAM2 length 4.4cm

jade heart jewelry

Red Jade Heart and Silver Unusual Handmade Jewellery

£43.95 PRJAD30 width of heart 12mm

red jade heart necklace

7 carat citrine jewellery

7 carat Faceted Citrine with Silver Heart Jewellery Pendant £525.95 PCIT22

7 carat citrine

Heart Jewelery

sparkly heart jewellery

Beautiful Very Sparkly Pink Glass Heart £155.95 PGH126 width 3.4cm at top

pendant for women

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heart jewellery