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Handmade Gemstone Jewellery Departments

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Amazonite Jewelleryagate handmade jewelleryamber handmade jewelleryamethyst handmade jewelleryametrine-jewelleryaquamarine handmade jewelleryaventurine handmade jewellerycarnelian handmade jewellerychalcedony handmade jewellerycharoite jewellerychrysocolla handmade jewellerycitrine handmade jewelleryemerald jewellerygarnet handmade jewelleryjade handmade jewelleryjasper handmade jewellerylabradorite handmade jewellerylapis lazuli jewellerymalachite handmade jewellerymoonstone jewellerymother of pearl jewelleryobsidian jewelleryonyx handmade jewelleryopal handmade jewelleryperidot handmade jewelleryrhodochrosite jewelleryrhondite handmade jewelleryrose quartz handmade jewelleryruby jewellerysapphire jewellerysodalite jewellerytigers eye jewelleryshop for topaz jewelleryturquoise handmade jewelleryunakite handmade jewellerymixed gemstone jewellery

Handmade Gemstone Jewelry

Gemstones are used in Handmade Jewellery as they work very well especially with Silver - the beautiful colours are complimented by the precious metal. Here you will find a selection of gemstones in alphabetical order with precious gemstones and others listed below. As all the items are handmade therefore if you find a design you like but would prefer an alternative gemstone please ask as it is often possible. Equally you can request other items to be made to match the item of your choice to complete a set. More gemstones are avalable so please ask. Sterling silver is used to make all the items which is solid silver witout platings or coatings.

Handmade Gemstone Jewelery

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Mixed Gemstone jewellery

P1 Mixed Gemstones

P2 More Gemstones Amazonite, Charoite, Apatite, Kyanite, Blue Topaz, Tanzanite, Fluorite, Sodalite, Ametrine

precious gemstone jewellery

Precious Jewellery Department

Includes Emerald, Sapphire and Ruby

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