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Dichroic glass fused glass jewellery wrapped with 925 sterling silver to create unusual one off pendants complete on 18 inch sterling silver chains. So colourful that they are difficult to photograph. The rainbow colours sparkle in the light.

turquoise glass jewellery

Dichroic Glass Blue Handmade Jewellery

£46.95 PGH139 Length 4.3cm

dichroic blue glass heart

pink and blue glass jewellery

Dichroic Pink and BlueJewellery

£33.95 PGL141 4.2cm wide at top

blue glass pendant

dichroic glass jewellery

Dichroic and Silver non uniform shaped Jewellery

£46.95 PGH143 3cm wide

blue glass pendant

duck shaped jewellery

Large Duck shaped Glass Handmade Jewellery

£32.95 PGL138 Length of glass 5cm

dichroic glass heart

translucent dichroic glass jewellery

Translucent and Layered Glass Jewellery

£46.95 PGL142 Width 2.8cm

valentines heart necklace

blue dichroic glass jewellery

Blue and Milky white Glass with silver

£44.95 PGL145 width at centre 3.5cm

silver jewelery

pink glass jewelllery

Glass and Silver Handmade Jewellery

£39.95 PGL144 Width at top 3.6cm

heart pendant

green glass jewellery

Glass and Silver Handmade Jewellery

£34.95 PGH140 Length of glass 5.2cm

valentines day gift

translucent glass jewellery

Contemprary One off Glass

£32.95 PGL148 width approx 4.2cm

handcrafted dichroic heart necklace

orange glass jewelllery

Orange Dichroic Glass Jewellery

£37.95 PGH146 length 4.3cm

blue heart pendant

triangle glass jewellery

Two Blue Triangle Glass Jewellery

£30.95 PGL147 width 2.7cm

handcrafted dichroic heart necklace

glass jewellery multi colour

Dichroic Glass Handmade Jewellery

£30.95 PGL149 length 3.6cm

blue heart pendant

yellow dichroic glass jewelllery

Glass Yellow Dichroic Jewellery

£32.95 PGL150 length 4.6cm

glass heart fiancee

dichroic contemporary glass jewellery

Glass and Silver Unusual Shaped Jewellery

£32.95 PGL151 Width 2.6cm

special glass heart pendant

unusual dichroic glass jewellery

Dichroic Unusual Shaped Translucent and Blue

£35.95 PGH152 length approx 5.3cm

rainbow heart pendant

square glass jewellery

Glass Jewellery Square

£45.95 PGL153 width 2.3cm

modern glass necklace

wire wrapped glass jewellery

Glass and Silver Heart Pendant Handmade Jewellery

£35.95 PGL157 width 2cm

dichroic heart necklace

wire wrapped dichroic glass

Wire Wrapped Glass Jewellery

£36.95 PGL156 Width of glass 1.8cm

love heart necklace

star design glass jewellery

Dichroic Glass with Star Pattern

£29.95 PGL158 Width of glass 3cm

star jewellery

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opalite jewellery

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