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Handmade Silver Gemstone Jewelry UK

amazonite gemstone jewellery

Amazonite and Silver Jewellery

£44.95 PAZ1 length 3.7cm

amazonite gemstone jewellery

amazonite earrings

Amazonite Gemstone and Silver Round Link Earrings

£45.95 EAZ1 length 2.8cm

amazonite earrings

amazonite jewellery

Amazonite and Silver Jewellery

£63.95 PAZ2 width 2.1cm

amazonite jewellery

rare charoite healing necklace

Charoite Gemstone Jewellery Gift for her

£53.95 PCHAR3

charoite healing necklace

gift for her

Charoite Gemstone Jewellery Gift for her

Pendant £43.95 PCHAR1

pretty pearl necklace

healing charoite jewellery gift

Silver and Charoite Jewellery Gift for her

Pendant £44.95 PCHAR2

pretty charoite rare necklace

apatite jewellery

Apatite and Silver Handmade Gift for her

Pendant £48.95 PAP3 width 3cm

handmade tanzanite jewellery

unusual apatite jewellery

Apatite and Silver Gift for her

Pendant £33.95 PAP2

unusual gift for her

unusual earrings

Apatite and Silver Gift for her Earrings

Earrings £28.95 EAP1

apatite gift for her

kyanite necklace

Kyanite Teardrop and Silver Kyanite is a royal blue with rainbow sheens within the gemstone

£45.95 PKY1

beautiful pearl jewellery

vesuvianite necklace

Vesuvianite with Silver Gift for women

£36.95 PVE1 Length 3cm

white and red necklace

frosted rose quartz jewellery

Frosted Rose Quartz and Silver Handmade Jewellery

Pendant £39.95 PFRQ9 width 3.2cm

pink jewellery

pink jewellery

Delicate Frosted Rose Quartz Jewellery

£31.95 PFRQ8 length 3.8cm

rose quartz pendant

frosted rose quartz jewelry

Frosted Rose Quartz Cluster

£54.95 PFRQ9

rosequartz necklace

crocheted gemstone jewelry

Amethyst Peridot and Silver Handmade Jewelry

£45.95 PAMPE5 width 3.5cm

amethyst peridot mixed gem necklace

delicate gemstone earrings

Amethyst and Peridot Crocheted Earrings

Earrings £29.95 EAMPE1 Length 2cm

amethyst peridot silver earrings

amethyst and peridot jewelry

Amethyst and Peridot wire wrapped gems on silver frame

Pendant £41.95 PAMPE7

crystal healing necklace

garnet peridot knitted handmade gemstone jewelry

Garnet Peridot and Silver in Silver Frame Handmade Jewelry

Knitted Pendant £54.95 PGPE2

semi precious jewellery

faith hope love bracelet

Bracelet with gemstones representing Faith - Garnet, Hope - Amazonite and Love - Rose Quartz

BGAVRQ1 £58.95

white and red necklace

healing bracelet

Contemporary Healing Gemstone and Silver Bracelet Amethyst, Aquamarine, Aventurine, Onyx and Cherry Quartz.

Bracelet £99.95 BGEMS1

opal bracelet

amethyst moonstone jewellery

Amethyst and Moonstone with Silver Handmade Jewellery

Pendant £32.95 PAMMO2 length 5.5cm

mixed gemstone jewellery

healing jewellery

Fertility Pendant - This pendant was made using gemstones that are thought to help fertility. Including Rose Quartz, Moonstone, Unakite, Citrine and Carnelian. For more details on gemstones see the page meanings of gemstones email for bespoke. Pendant £44.95 PFERT1

fertility jewellery

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