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Here you will find mixed gemstone jewellery. As with all designs on this website other gemstones can be included on request.

healing jewellery

fertility jewellery

Fertility Pendant £124.95

Fertility Pendant - This pendant was made using gemstones that are thought to help fertility. Including Rose Quartz, Moonstone, Unakite, Citrine and Carnelian. For more details on gemstones see the page meanings of gemstones email for bespoke. Pendant £124.95 PFERT1

amazonite jewellery

Amazonite and Onyx with Silver Handmade Gemstone Jewellery Set £76.90 PAMAZONY1 16 inch chain

black agate pendant

amethyst moonstone jewellery

mixed gemstone jewellery

Amethyst and Moonstone with Silver Pendant £47.95 PAMMO2 length 5.5cm

amethyst and peridot jewelry

Gemstone Silver Jewelry
crystal healing necklace

Amethyst and Peridot wire wrapped gems on silver frame Pendant £55.95 PAMPE7

garnet peridot knitted handmade gemstone jewelry

semi precious jewellery

Garnet Peridot and Silver Knitted Pendant £54.95 PGPE2

crocheted gemstone jewelry

amethyst peridot mixed gem necklace

Amethyst Peridot and Silver Handmade Jewelry £48.95 PAMPE5 width 3.5cm

citrine and goldstone heart earrings

handmade silver jewellery

Boho long earrings Citrine with goldstone hearts £39.95 ECITGLD1 length of earrings 6cm

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pink handmade gemstone jewellery