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Chrysocolla Jewellery

chrysocolla and silver chain earring handmade

unusual amber pendant

Earrings with dangling chrysocolla gems. £48.95 ECHR4

chrysocolla and sheet silver necklace

unusual amber pendant

Chrysocolla and sheet silver contemporary design with four gemstones. £57.95 PCHR5

round chryscolla and silver

unusual amber pendant

Chrysocolla circular statement pendant with four gems. £54.95 PCHR2

chrysocolla earrings handmade with silver and hooks

unusual amber pendant

Gorgeous drop earrings with dangling chrysocolla gemstones. £52.95 ECHR6

chrysocolla oval and silver pendant

unusual amber pendant

Chrysocolla three gems within an oval frame. £51.95 PCHR3

Chrysocolla is a mossy green soft gemstone with flecks of black.

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chrysocolla jewellery