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Aquamarine Blue Gemstone Handmade Jewellery

Aquamarine is the gemstone for March Birthdays but a popular gift at any time of the year as it has a cheerful blue colour. Aquamarine means literally - water of the sea. It is the gemstone for March and thought to be the stone of courage being especially useful for those taking exams as it is thought to have calming properties. It was carried by sailors for good luck as it was considered to be the treasure of mermaids. The largest piece mined was found in Brazil and weighed over 110 kg! Brazil is the main producer of Aquamarine like Emerald it is a variety of Beryl. In the 19th Century the greener versions of Aquamarine were the most popular but the blue is most fashionable nowadays. Romans believed that if carved into the shape of a frog and presented to an enemy it would bring peace and it was also considered a great gift for young love. For centuries healers have used it for the healing of eye and throat complaints. Find Aquamarine bracelets to complement these designs as well as earrings on the next pages. Visit the green gemstone handmade jewellery page next.

Aquamarine and Silver handmade heart Jewellery with gemstone held within

heart with aquamarine centre necklace

Review - "I bought a necklace and earrings for my wife at the last minute and Semina made sure they arrived in time. The pieces are absolutely beautiful and I will definitely consider buying others in future."

Review - "Bought the Aquamarine Heart Pendant for a present and was very pleased with the speedy delivery and excellent quality of the product. Would definitely buy from Semina again. Lovely personal touch with handwritten card. Gorgeous designs and know I will never be stuck for a present idea again!"

Heart Pendant

£260.95 PAQ7 width 2.4cm at top gemstone 8mm

aquamarine unusual jewellery

large aquamarine jewellery

Large Blue Aquamarine and Silver Handmade Jewellery

£286.95 PAQ53 gemstone width of gemstone 12mm

Review - "I bought a pendant for my daughter's 40th birthday. Both she and I were thrilled with it. I looked up lots of websites but this was the most innovative and modern.Great service too"

Review -"I bought an aquamarine necklace for my daughter-in-law's birthday as it is her birthstone. She was delighted with it -it was just as depicted in the picture, beautifully wrapped and I will certainly be purchasing from Silver Wire Designs again."

aquamarine gemstone jewelry

aquamarine silver necklace

Aquamarine and Silver Elegant Pendant Handmade Jewellery

Review -"I was looking for something special for my Cousin's 18th birthday and this was perfect. More importantly she loved it too! The service from the company was quick, efficient and exactly what they had promised on their website."

"The necklace was a birthday present and was loved. Service, price and delivery time were excellent. I would definately buy from Silver Wire Designs again."

PAQ21 Length 6.8cm gemstone 11mm £206.95

aquamarine silver jewellery

contemporary aquamarine jewellery

Aquamarine and Silver strong twisted length with 5 gemstones held closely together in a circular shape Contemporary Jewellery

£265.95 PAQ70 length 4.9cm gems 6mm

aquamarine contemporary jewellery

aquamarine handmade jewellery

Large Aquamarine and Contemporary Handmade Jewellery

£282.95 PAQ30 gemstone 13mm

Reviews - "I bought an aquamarine pendant for my sister's 21st birthday present. I wanted something that was unusual but timeless - something that she can wear now and in 20 years time - and I found just that at Silver Wire Designs. The necklace was beautiful and very well made. It was all I could do not to keep it for myself. Exceptional value for money, well packaged and great advice when I called to ask a question about chain length. Top notch!"

"The design of the aquamarine pendant is modern, unusual and beautiful. You cannot always tell from pictures, what an item will be like, but the real thing was better than I expected. Delighted!"

aquamarine necklace

aquamarine handmade jewellery

Aquamarine and Silver wearable art

£257.95 PAQ56 width 2.5cm width of aquamarine 1cm

handmade aquamarine gemstone links bracelet

infinity links aquamarine jewellery set

Aquamarine and Silver Handmade Jewellery Set

Infinity Links Aquamarine Pendant and Earrtngs Set - matching bracelet on page 2

£335.95 PAQ67

aquamarine silver earrings

handmade aquamarine jewellery

Aquamarine and Silver Pendant Handmade Jewellery

£187.95 PAQ18 length 4cm matching earrings next page

aquamarine handcrafted necklace

aquamarine jewellery heart

Aquamarine and Silver Gemstone Handmade Jewellery

£179.95 PAQ39 length of pendant 3.6cm

aquamarine silver jewelry

aquamarine necklace

This necklace symbolically represents a person

£156.95 PAQ59 length 4.4cm

aquamarine handmade necklace

aquamarine chunky jewellery

Large Aquamarine and Silver Handmade Jewellery in a modern style

£235.95 PAQ16 Length 4cm Gemstone 14mm

aquamarine silver earrings

heavy aquamarine jewellery

Chunky Pendant - sold with or without chain see chain below need to add both to basket if required other chains available

Length of pendant 6.5cm width of the aquamarine balls 14mm

£255.95 NAQ2

aquamarine handmade jewellery

Sterling Silver Oval Chain 5mm wide

32" £48.00

silver chain

aquamarine jewellery mumbai spiral necklace

Aquamarine and Silver spiral with hidden gem

£175.95 PAQ48 length 3cm

handmade aquamarine gemstone links bracelet

aqua marine necklace

Large Aquamarine and Silver unusual triangular shape

£291.95 PAQ31 gem 14mm

aquamarine modern necklace

art deco jewellery

Aquamarine and Silver Handmade Jewellery

£246.95 PAQ25 3.1cm see matching earrings

Reviewer purchased with matching earrings - "I happened across this website following a long search for some modern aquamarine jewellery for a gift. The range of products is great and my order arrived very swiftly and well packaged. I was very impressed with the necklace and earrings, as was the recipient. Thanks very much."

aquamarine hand made necklace

handmade aquamarine jewellery

Aquamarine and Silver Jewellery Classic Pendant

£126.95 PAQ60 width of gem 1cm

Review - "Semina was very helpful with my order as the necklace was for my sister's 40th birthday. The item came incredibly quickly and is absolutely beautiful, I am sure my sister will love it. Thank you and I would definitely recommend Silver Wire Designs."

aquamarine silver jewelry

aquamarine jewelry

Aquamarine and Silver Bow Handmade Jewellery

£158.95 PAQ33 4.7cm length gemstone 1cm

aquamarine silver pendant

modern aquamarine jewellery

Unusual Contemporary One off Item

£170.95 PAQ29 Length 3.5cm gemstone 9mm

aquamarine jewelry

aquamarine contemporary jewellery

Aquamarine and Silver Handmade Jewellery

£349.95 PAQ24 Width of Aquamarine 1.3cm

Review - "I bought an aquamarine necklace for my daughter's 30th birthday. It arrived the next working day. It's beautifully made and really unusual and my daughter loved it"

large aquamarine handcrafted necklace

aquamarine bead necklace

Aquamarine and Silver Tower Handmade Jewellery

£175.95 PAQ38 Width 9mm

aqua marine jewellery

aquamarine silver necklace

Large Aquamarine and Silver Unusual Handmade Jewellery

£340.95 PAQ35 5cm length gemstone 1.2cm

Review - "I found this company quite by accident and I was looking for a pretty piece of aquamarine jewellry for my sister-in-law's 60th birthday. We only had 2 days to get it. The necklace arrived in time and when we opened it we were blown away - it was beautiful, unusual and a nice size - so many things you buy are smaller than they look in the photos. Maggie absolutely loved it. I would recommend Silver Wire Designs to everybody"

aquamarine unique jewellery

aquamarine feature pendant

Aquamarine and Silver Round Handmade Jewellery

£255.95 PAQ36 width 3.5cm gemstone 1cm

aquamarine unusual gift

aquamarine jewelery

Off Beat Infinity Pendant

£185.95 PAQ50 width 2cm

aquamarine gift jewellery

aquamarine birth stone jewellery

Aquamarine and Silver Unusual Handmade Jewellery

£188.95 PAQ37 4.2cm in length

aquamarine unique jewellery gift

aquamarine necklace for women

Aquamarine and Silver Unusual Handmade Jewellery

£178.95 PAQ34 2.2cm width

aquamarine gemstone jewellery

angel jewellery

Angel Wings Pendant

£198.95 PAQ52

handmade aquamarine jewellery

aquamarine and silver necklace

Aquamarine and Silver two gemstones in oval

£164.95 PAQ23 4cm

aquamarine jewellery

floating aquamarine on curly pendant

Curly Design with floating Aquamarine

£172.95 PAQ71 length 5.4cm gem 8mm

aquamarine jewellery

aquamarine gift

Aquamarine and Silver Unusual Handmade Jewellery

£170.95 PAQ32 4cm length

aquamarine silver earrings

aquamarine designer necklace

Greeny Aquamarine and Sheet Silver Handmade Jewellery

£246.95 PAQ22

aquamarine sheet silver necklace

aquamarine jewellery

Aquamarine and Silver Handmade Jewellery

£149.95 PAQ42 6.5cm matching earrings available

Review - Beautiful necklace for my beautiful friend. She loved it. Have already told all my friends and family about the website

aquamarine silver pendant

27 carat teardrop shaped faceterd aquamarine handmade jewellery

27.72 Carat Teardrop Faceted Aquamarine and Silver Handmade Jewellery. The teardrop is held at a jaunty angle in a heart shape by a cage of fine silver wire.

£455.95 PAQ66 width 2.8cm gemstone length 2.4cm

aquamarine 27 Carat teardrop designer jewellery

heart aquamarine jewellery

Aquamarine and Silver Art Jewellery

£257.95 PAQ57 gemstone 9mm length 3cm see matching earrings

Review - "I was looking for an aquamarine 50th birthday present for my sister in law. I will definitely give Semina's jewellery as gifts again and would like some for myself!"

handmade aquamarine gemstone links bracelet

aquamarine ball pendant

Ball Pendant

£175.95 PAQ45 width 1.5cm

aquamarine ball

aquamarine bespoke necklace

Aquamarine and Silver Handmade Jewellery Circular flow

Pendant £364.95 PAQ47 width of gemstone 1.4cm

aquamarine unusual jewellery

art deco handmade jewellery

Art deco style with flowing movement

£238.95 PAQ64 width 3.5cm gemstones 6mm

aquamarine unusual jewellery

oval aquamarine contemporary jewellery

Aquamarine and Silver Oval contemporary Jewellery. The gemstone can slip along the centre but is held naturally off centre to the bottom by gravity

Pendant £174.95 PAQ65 length 4.1cm gemstone 7mm

aquamarine unusual jewellery

three gemstone aquamarine jewellery

Contemporary Three Aquamarines held on twisted silver length

£179.95 PAQ63 length 4cm gems 8mm

handmade three aquamarine necklace

silver and aquamarine heart

Aquamarine Heart with twisted silver and heart charm

£159.95 PAQ77 gemstone 14mm

handmade heart aquamarine necklace

aquamarine oval jewellery

Aquamarine and Silver Oval Gemstone Handmade Jewellery

£176.95 PAQ69 length 7cm Gemstone length 1.8cm by 1.2cm

oval aquamarine necklace

aquamarine ring jewellery

Revolving Aquamarine dangling from patterned ring

£248.95 PAQ68 width of gem 1cm

handmade three aquamarine necklace

large aquamarine necklace

Aquamarine and Silver Ball held in frame

£392.95 PAQ62 width of aquamarine 1.4cm

large aquamarine jewellery

aquamarine heart jewellery

Aquamarine and Silver Simple plain Heart

£172.95 PAQ75 width of aquamarine 14mm

large aquamarine heart jewellery

aquamarine gemstone wire wrapped necklace

Contemporary Oval Twists Pendant

£258.95 PAQ79 aquamarine 11mm

large aquamarine jewellery

gemstone aqua marine necklace

Contemporary 3 gems

£172.95 PAQ80 length 3cm

gemstone aquamarine necklace

aquamarone unusual gemstone pendant

Aquamarine and Silver Gemstone three twists Handmade Jewellery

£175.95 PAQ74 length 5.5cm width of aquamarine 7mm

large aquamarine jewellery

aquamarine two gemstone round necklace

Handmade Aquamarine and Silver with 2 gemstones representng people on a single line separated by a silver spiral connected and together

£264.95 PAQ72 width 3cm width of aquamarines 5 and 8mm

large aquamarine jewellery

aquamarine heart pendant

Aquamarine and Silver Heart shaped gift for a loved one

£246.95 PAQ73 length 5.5cm width of aquamarine 9mm

large aquamarine jewellery

aquamarine crocheted silver jewellery

Aquamarine and Crocheted Silver Gemstones crocheted using silver wire then sewn into a silver frame

£188.95 PAQ78 width 1.8cm

aquamarine crocheted jewellery

aquamarine dangle pendant

Aquamarine and Silver Gemstone asymetric Handmade Jewellery

£187.95 PAQ54 length 4.4cm

aquamarine dangly necklace

aquamarine fashion necklace

Aquamarine in oval twisted framework

£179.95 PAQ71 length 5.4cm width of aquamarine 8mm

aquamarine gemstonejewellery

aquamarine heart jewellery

Aquamarine and Silver Heart with fine lines of silver representing delicate threads holding love together within a strong heart

£168.95 PAQ76 width 3.8cm gemstone heart 14mm at widest

aquamarine heart jewellery

aquamarine and spiral silver necklace

Aquamarine and Silver Handmade Jewellery

Three Aquamarine Gemstones surrouned by a spiral of silver width 2cm gemstones 8mm and 6mm

£176.95 PAQ61

aquamarine silver earrings

aqua marine tube pendant

Aquamarine and Silver Contemporary Tube

£428.95 PAQ81 gemstone 12mm

aquamarine tube pendant

"I wanted something special for my daughter's 30th birthday and accidentally found the Silver Wire Designs site. The choice was amazing. As I couldn't make up my mind, I phoned the company and was surprised to be speaking to the jeweller! She was very helpful. The necklace arrived at my daughter's within a couple of days. Her response - 'I love it and it's a beautiful and unique present for such a special occasion'. I would highly recommend Silver Wire Designs and will definitely be shopping there again" PAQ27

"I was struggling to find something appropriate for a 19th wedding anniversary present, until I stumbled upon Silver Wire Designs. Then I was stumped because it all looked so beautiful and the actual product in my hand did not disappoint. Ordered and delivered next day. My wife loves them. Thank you so much Semina. I have recommended you to friends and colleagues so hopefully you'll get a bit more business."

"I was surfing the internet searching for some unusual silver jewellery for my cousin's 40th birthday when I came across Silver Wire Designs. That's when the surfing ended and was replaced by hours of browsing through the various items! I was spoilt for choice, they all looked gorgeous and at very affordable prices too! At the end I settled for 2 pendants, and I received them within 24 hours of ordering, beautifully packaged in a black velvety box. I loved them, but above all so did my cousin!! Excellent service, beautiful items, huge choice for all tastes and budgets"

green gemstone handmade jewellery

aquamarine bracelets

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"I ordered a necklace for my mum she only really wears silver. These designs were so cute and quirky. Fast delivery, well packaged. Necklace is perfect. Would definitely buy from again! many thanks"- T Dixon