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Amethyst Jewelry

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Wrapped in sterling silver wire to make unique gifts for women the pendants all come with 925 hallmarked chains to see more Amethyst gifts visit Page 3 for Amethyst Bracelets and Amethyst Earrings

amethyst handmade heart jewellery

Discreet Silver and Amethyst Heart with silver heart charm

£45.95 PAM110

amethyst heart jewelry

amethyst modern jewelry

Silver and Amethyst Jewelry Flowing Drop pendant

£44.95 PAM85 5.8cm

amethyst cross

amethyst jewelry

Silver Contemporary Handmade Amethyst Jewelry

Pendant £73.95 PAM70 5.5cm

amethyst gift pendant

oval amethyst jewelry

Silver and Oval Amethyst Jewelry held with springs

£54.95 PAM99

silver bracelet handmade links

amethyst ball in silver pendant

Amethyst Jewelry Cluster in Silver frame

Pendant £50.95 PAM44 Length 4.5cm

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silver wrapped amethyst jewelry

Amethyst and Silver interlaced together to produce an individual gift

£45.95 PAM08

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designer jewellery amethyst

Contemporary Amethyst Jewelry with an isolated directional arm drawing the eye in along the curve

Pendant £73.95 PAM07 Length 4.75cm

amethyst gemstone pendant

amethyst handmade jewellery

Silver Unusual Amethyst Jewelry

Pendant £46.95 PAM60

amethyst jewellery gift

caged amethyst ball handmade necklace

Nest of Amethyst in Silver Carrier Amethysts Jewelry

Pendant £64.95 PAM46

amethyst jewelry

long amethyst handmade jewelry

Unusual Amethyst and Silver Handmade Jewelry

Pendant £44.95 PAM97 5.6cm

amethyst sheet silver necklace

amethyst large pendant

Unusual Amethyst Jewelry Mandala Style

Large Pendant £102.95 PAM018 width 5cm

amethyst gift pendant

unusual amethyst jewelry

Amethyst Handmade Jewelry

£43.95 PAM105

purple silver pendant

amethyst heart jewellery

Amethyst Heart and Silver Handmade Jewelry

Pendant £42.95 PAM87 5.5cm width of heart 12 mm

amethyst purple jewellery

amethyst jewellery pendant

Amethyst and Silver Handmade Jewelry

Pendant £85.95 PAM017 width 3.3cm

amethyst gem necklace

handmade amethyst jewellery

Amethyst and Silver Handmade Jewelry

Pendant £49.95 PAM19 Length 4cm

amethyst purple jewellery

unusual amethyst jewelry

Amethyst Heart and Textured Silver Handmade Jewelry

Pendant £49.95 PAM021 Length 5.5cm

amethyst and silver pendant

amethyst backless dress necklace

Amethyst and Silver Handmade Jewelry

Backless Dress Necklace £595.95 NAM2 Adjustable length with back drop suitable for wearing with a backless dress. Length of chain 80cm excluding drops front 5.5 rear 3.75

amethyst drop necklace

unusual amethyst necklace

Silver Amethyst Handmade Jewelry

Pendant £59.95 PAM88 2.4cm wide

amethyst necklace

amethyst jewelry

Amethyst Oval Handmade Jewellery Drop Pendant

£51.95 PAM014 4.2cm

oval amethyst pendant

unusual amethyst necklace

Amethyst Heart and Silver Amethyst Jewelry

Pendant £66.95 PAM020 4cm length

amethyst purple jewellery

amethyst circles pendant

Amethyst Circles Jewelry

£49.95 PAM024

rose quartz handcrafted set

sheet silver and amethyst pendant

Light Delicate Sterling Silver Sheet with 2 Amethyst Hearts Jewelry

£54.95 PAM106 width 1.8cm

amethyst crystal bracelet

one off amethyst jewelry

Small Amethyst Contemporary Handmade Jewelry

£64.95 PAM52 length of tube part of pendant 12mm

amethyst handcrafted necklace

Review of Amethyst item - "A first rate customer experience for quality, design and fast friendly service. I found ordering was simple and paying easy using PayPal. The beautifully crafted necklace was delivered gift wrapped, as selected, and the recipient was over the moon! I am delighted to have found an excellent range of contemporary jewellery design and I will definitely be buying again"

Amethyst the purple gemstone

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