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Amethyst Handmade Jewellery

For more Amethyst Jewelry and Bracelets and Earrings see P2 and 3

Handmade Amethyst Gemstone Jewellery Necklaces Pendants

amethyst jewelry

Always a popular choice Amethyst comes in many hues for a very pale lilac to a deep purple and complements both day and evening wear. Handmade Sterling Silver Jewellery combined with Amethyst to make necklaces and earrings which can be bought as sets or individual items. All pendants on the website come with a sterling silver chain and are presented in a velvet box. For centuries Amethyst has been used in battle worn as amulets to promote calmness in battle. In modern days it is used in meditation also to calm the mind. Amethyst is also the stone of St Valentine and it was thought in the middle ages that if a Lady was presented with a heart shaped Amethyst from her knight they would be blessed with good fortune for the rest of their lives. It comes from a Greek word meaning without intoxication so has been worn as an antidote to drunkenness. Amethyst is the birthstone for February birthdays, the Chinese year of the Dragon, the star sign Pisces and the gemstone for the 6th Wedding anniversary.

amethyst jewellery heart shaped amethyst wrapped silver pendant

Amethyst encased within a distinctive heart

£158.95 PWAM1 length 3.2cm

amethyst heart handmade jewellery

amethyst jewellery faceted amethyst in heart cage

6 carat Faceted Amethyst and Silver Handmade Jewellery

Pendant £385.95 PAM101 width of pendant 1.6 cm

amethyst faceted jewellery

amethyst jewellery flower with oval amethyst

Amethyst Silver wrapped pendant featuring an oval Amethyst as the center piece

Review - "I saw this website by chance and bought a necklace for a friends birthday. It was lovely and arrived the next day as promised. The pictures of the jewellery are true to actual goods and I was very pleased"

£79.95 PAM57 width 3.1cm

purple bracelet

amethyst jewellery solid silver necklace with tube soldered onto square

Exclusive Heavy Square and Tube design with gemstone stopper.

£285.95 PAM06 Width 3.4cm

solid silver necklace

amethyst jewellery unusual design

Strong almost round individual silver jewellery

£89.95 PAM90 Width 3.4cm

amethyst necklace

amethyst handmade jewellery contemporary pendant

Amethyst Jewellery contemporary design

£74.95 PAM11 3cm wide

amethyst purple necklace

amethyst jewellery dark oval amethyst

Dark Oval Amethyst and Silver Handmade Jewellery

£76.95 PAM77

amethyst designer necklace

amethyst jewellery triangular spiral jewellery with two amethysts

Triangular Jewellery with Silver Spirals mind, body, spirit and the spiral never ending life energy.

£48.95 PAM24 width at bottom 3.3cm

contemporary amethyst pendant

amethyst handmade sterling silver jewellery

Amethyst Jewellery with an irregular pattern holding a free dangling heart

£54.95 PAM100 Length 4.5cm

handmade flower jewellery

amethyst jewellery heart shaped handmade wire jewellery

Popular Heart Shaped Gift crammed with Amethysts a great gift for a loved one.

£53.95 PWAM2 length 4.4cm

Review - "I bought an amethyst and heart necklace for my Mum's 60th and some pendant earrings and they arrived 2 days after the order in lovely presentation boxes and were far better in real life! The jewellery is gorgeous and I will definitely be buying again!!"

"I bought a silver and amethyst heart pendant for my wife's birthday. She loves it. I love the uniqueness of the pendant and will definitely be returning at Christmas and birthdays"

designer jewellery

amethyst jewellery february birthstone

Contemporary handmade jewelry with three Amethysts in a silver wound tower with silver with loops entwined at the base.

£49.95 PAM013 5.3cm

amethyst crystal bracelet

amethyst jewellery modern ontrend jewellery

Contemporary Amethyst Jewelry - a statement piece elegant and rich.

£65.95 PAM104

oval amethyst pendant

amethyst faceted jewelry

5 carat Faceted Oval Amethyst and Silver Handmade Jewelry

Pendant £198.95 PAM96

Review for this item "Just a note to say that my Mum absolutely loved the amethyst necklace I got her for her 80th birthday, and why wouldn't she!"

amethyst faceted jewellery

twisted amethyst jewellery necklace

Amethyst and Silver Pendant Handmade Jewelry

Pendant £44.95 PAM47 length 5cm see matching earrings on the Amethyst Earrings page

amethyst jewellery

amethyst circular jewellery

Unusual multi coloured Amethysts in circular design

Large Pendant £54.95 PAM109 width 4cm

amethyst crystal necklace

amethyst heart jewellery

Purple heart entwined with sterling silver

£64.95 PAM019 length 5.4cm

amethyst heart handmade necklace

amethyst handmade purple jewellery

Silver Circular Modern Jewellery two gems representing the two people in a relationship entwined together with the spiral silver spring - yet separate

£76.95 PAM71 3cm

handmade semi precious gem set

amethyst long drop necklace

Unusual Amethyst Jewelry

£59.95 PAM17 6.5cm 5.see matching earrings

silver handmade necklace

amethyst jewellery heavy necklace with sewn amethysts double sided

Sheet Silver Contemporary Amethyst Jewelry heavy and substantial piece of art with a feeling of longevity a double sided square pendant

£448.95 PAM99 3cm

amethyst handmade necklace

large amethyst jewellery

Large Amethyst and Silver Circular flowing with gemstone nestling in the arms of the curve

£75.95 PAM49 width 5cm

amethyst healing pendant

amethyst handmade jewellery

Amethyst almost pear shaped one off pendant

£44.95 PAM76 4.4cm

amethyst handmade jewellery

contemporary amethyst jewelry

Large Silver Contemporary Satellite Amethyst Jewelry

£98.95 PAM72 Length 5.5cm

silver jewellery with amethyst

gemstones silver jewellery

Funky Jewellery

PAM50 Length 4cm £59.95

amethyst handmade purple necklace

circles silver pendant

Amethyst Jewellery Fluid Moving Balls on Round Framework

£49.95 PAM55 width 3cm

amethyst handcrafted jewelery

unusual amethyst necklace

Contemporary Off beat Amethyst Pendant

£45.95 PAM84 Length 5.5cm

amethyst necklace

Amethyst Jewellery - Drop Pendant

£41.95 PAM01 4.6cm

amethyst dangly necklace

amethyst handmade jewellery round bead silver wrapped jewellery

Multi coloured Amethyst Wire Wrapped Pendant

£52.95 PAM73 Length 5cm

amethyst jewelry

amethyst and silver designer jewellery

Amethyst and Silver Large Pendant

£88.95 PAM015 Length 6cm width 5.8cm

silver wrapped earrings

contemporary handmade silver jewelry

Contemporary Handmade Jewellery with a lone Amethyst poking out to show itself from the strong silver frame

£55.95 PAM61 Length 4cm

amethyst gems necklace

unusual amethyst jewellery

Non Uniform shape beaten silver with a gem that will rock along the wire

£43.95 PAM022 3cm length

amethyst crystal bracelet

silver amethyst jewellery

Amethyst Heart held by the upper curves appearing to defy gravity

PAM108 £42.95

pretty amethyst bracelet

amethyst unusual handmade orbs jewellery

Silver and Amethyst Handmade mesmerizing star or flower your eyes simply want to follow the curves

£87.95 PAM74 width 3.1cm

unusual jewellery

pretty amethyst jewellery

Amethyst Jewellery PAM66 Above item SOLD PLEASE ASK FOR SIMILAR

Review of one off item "Ordered a lovely textured silver designer pendant with Amethyst birthstone for my sisters 50th birthday - arrived next day beautifully boxed and my sister was delighted with it ❨and she is VERY hard to please!❩ Would not hesitate to use again"

"I have bought 2 items from silver wire designs, both were amethyst pendants. My partner absolutely loves both of them and she wears them all the time. I will be purchasing other items in the future. Thank you" D.MacNiven

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amethyst jewelry

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Amethyst Jewellery

amethyst jewellery

5 stars - Aquamarine Handmade Jewellery - "Would thoroughly recommend Silver Wire Designs the service was excellent and personal I required a piece of jewellery sent in time for my birthday very tight delivery and Semina arranged it and it arrived. Very happy with quality and will purchase again from Silver Wire Designs"- E Curtis

Review - "I was just looking for some idea's for Christmas presents and stumbled across this site, and I have to say I am really glad I did! this site is full of unique gifts and are exceptional quality!! the service was really really good! Constant contact via email and the speed of delivery really shocked me!! - in a good way!! ordered friday afternoon and it was on my desk at work before me on the Monday!! Can't get better than that!" Emma Curtis