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Amethyst Jewellery

Always a popular choice Amethyst comes in many hues for a very pale lilac to a deep purple and complements both day and evening wear.

amethyst jewellery flower with oval amethyst

purple bracelet

Amethyst Silver wrapped pendant featuring an oval Amethyst as the center piece. £79.95 PAM57 width 3.1cm

amethyst jewellery solid silver necklace with tube soldered onto square

solid silver necklace

Exclusive Heavy Square and Tube design off centre loop with gemstone stopper £895.95 PAM06 Width 3.4cm

amethyst hearr sitting on circuar frame necklace

amethyst necklace

Strong almost round individual silver jewellery £109.95 PAM90 Width 3.4cm

amethyst jewellery faceted amethyst in heart cage

amethyst faceted jewellery

Luscious 6 carat Faceted Amethyst sitting within a heart shaped silver frame with an 18 inch chain a perfect gift for a loved one. £785.95 PAM101 width of pendant 1.6 cm

amethyst handmade jewellery contemporary pendant

amethyst purple necklace

Amethyst Jewellery contemporary design £104.95 PAM11

designer jewellery amethyst

amethyst gemstone pendant

Contemporary Amethyst Jewelry with an isolated directional arm drawing the eye in along the curve

Pendant £73.95 PAM07 Length 4.75cm

amethyst jewellery dark oval amethyst

amethyst designer necklace

Dark Oval Amethyst and Silver Handmade Jewellery £76.95 PAM77

amethyst handmade sterling silver jewellery

handmade flower jewellery

Amethyst Jewellery with an irregular pattern holding a free dangling heart £54.95 PAM100 Length 4.5cm

amethyst jewellery heart shaped handmade wire jewellery

designer jewellery

Popular Heart Shaped Gift crammed with Amethysts a great gift for a loved one. £83.95 PWAM2 length 4.4cm

Review "I bought an amethyst and heart necklace for my Mum's 60th and some pendant earrings and they arrived 2 days after the order in lovely presentation boxes and were far better in real life! The jewellery is gorgeous and I will definitely be buying again!!"

Review "I bought a silver and amethyst heart pendant for my wife's birthday. She loves it. I love the uniqueness of the pendant and will definitely be returning at Christmas and birthdays"

amethyst jewellery february birthstone

amethyst crystal bracelet

Contemporary handmade jewelry with three Amethysts in a silver wound tower with silver with loops entwined at the base. £49.95 PAM013 5.3cm

amethyst jewellery modern ontrend jewellery

oval amethyst pendant

Contemporary Amethyst Jewelry, a statement piece elegant and rich.£85.95 PAM104

amethyst faceted jewelry

amethyst faceted jewellery

5 carat Faceted Oval Amethyst and Silver Handmade Jewelry

Pendant £798.95 PAM96

Review for this item. "Just a note to say that my Mum absolutely loved the amethyst necklace I got her for her 80th birthday, and why wouldn't she!"

amethyst circular jewellery

amethyst crystal necklace

Unusual multi coloured Amethysts in circular design.Large Pendant £64.95 PAM109 width 4cm

amethyst handmade purple jewellery

handmade semi precious gem set

Silver Circular Modern Jewellery two gems representing the two people in a relationship entwined together with the spiral silver spring, yet separate £76.95 PAM71 3cm

ametrine rare gemstone necklace

ametrine jewellery

Ametrine and Silver Handmade Jewellery £928.95 PAMET1 Rectangle 6.95 Carat Faceted Ametrine. Ametrine is a rare mixture of Amethyst and Citrine

contemporary amethyst jewelry

silver jewellery with amethyst

Large Silver Contemporary Satellite Amethyst Jewelry £98.95 PAM72 Length 5.5cm

amethyst jewelry

oval amethyst pendant

Amethyst Oval Handmade Jewellery Drop Pendant £81.95 PAM014 4.2cm.

amethyst unusual handmade orbs jewellery

unusual jewellery

Silver and Amethyst Handmade almost mandala like mesmerizing star or flower your eyes simply want to follow the undulations and the curves.

£127.95 PAM74 width 3.1cm

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amethyst handmade jewellery