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amethyst gemstone earrings

Earrings £35.95 EAM45 3.75cm gems 8mm

Earrings are always make great birthday gifts and Amethyst is always a popular choice for any age group. These earrings work well alone or match other items in the shop. Earrings made using Amethyst gemstones of various hues and solid silver. UK made by the designer.

amethyst long earrings

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Amethyst Ear-rings

Amethyst Long Earrings

Earrings £34.95 EAM31 Length 3.5cm gems 8mm

amethyst earrings continental fittings

amethyst drop earrings

Amethyst Heart Earrings with continental fittings £63.95 EAM32A 9mm wide gems available with hook fittings £53.95

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contemporary amethyst earrings

Unusual Oval Amethyst earrings £32.95 EAM11 length 4cm gems length 14mm

amethyst long earrings

contemporary amethyst earrings

Amethyst Oval Long Earrings £80.95 EAM55


amethyst earrings

amethyst earrings

Amethyst Silver winding Earrings £36.95 EAM6 length 3cm gems 5mm

round amethyst earrings

amethyst earings

Round Wrapped Amethyst Handmade Earrings £42.95 EAM44 width 1.5cm

amethyst silver wrapped earrings

amethyst ear rings

Spiral Earrings £48.95 EAM13

amethyst round silver earrings

amethyst round silver earrings

Round Amethyst Handmade Earrings £48.95 EAM30 Width 2.8cm

amethyst heart earrings

amethyst heart earrings

Amethyst Long Squiggle Earrings with drop hearts £34.95ca, EAM47 length 4.4cm hearts 12mm at widest point

amethyst drop earrings

amethyst long earrings gift

Amethyst Wound Earrings £35.95 EAM39

amethyst heart earrings

purple amethyst heart earrings

Amethyst ear jewellery

Amethyst Heart Earrings £38.95 EAM50 hearts 9mm wide length 3.2cm

amethyst heart earrngs

amethyst purple heart earrings

Amethyst Heart Earrings with silver spirals £54.95 EAM51 gems 9mm

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amethyst long earrings

Silver and Amethyst Long Earrings

£38.95 EAM54 length 4.6cm gems 7mm

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