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Amethyst Bracelets

Unusual Sterling Silver and Amethyst bracelets and bangles made in the UK by Semina Lewis. Every bracelet is hand made so can be made to measure for a comfortable fit.

amethyst silver bracelet

purple bracelet

Dark Purple Amethyst and Silver Bracelet with three gemstones connected together with handmade links £183.95 BAM14

amethyst balls on winding bangle style silver bracelet

pretty amethyst bracelet

Silver Amethyst Bangle style bracelet a combination of many wound silver lengths with clasp

£415.95 BAM6

Review for this item - I purchased an amethyst and silver bangle. It arrived quickly which was great, it is a lovely bangle.

amethyst ovals bracelet

amethyst handmade links bracelet

Amethyst Ovals Bracelet and Silver Bracelet £178.95 BAM15.

amethyst bracelet

pearl bridesmaids gift

Amethyst ovals and silver bracelet £172.95 BAM16

Amethyst Bracelets

amethyst links bracelet

amethyst handmade links bracelet

Amethyst Bracelet and Silver Round Links Bracelet with heart charms. £185.95 BAM13 1cm width links

amethyst and silver bangle

amethyst bangle bracelet

Amethyst Bracelet and Silver Cuff Bangle. £825.95 BAM9 1cm width links

amethyst cuff bangle

amethyst cuff bangle

Amethyst and Silver Cuff Bangle Handmade Jewellery £955.95 BAM7 Width 3cm allow 1 week

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amethyst bracelets