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Unsual Sterling Silver and Amethyst bracelets and bangles UK

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amethyst silver bracelet

Amethyst and Silver Bracelet with three gemstones abacus style connected together with handmade links

£83.95 BAM14

purple bracelet

amethyst balls on winding bangle style silver bracelet

Silver Amethyst Bangle style bracelet a combination of many wound silver lengths with clasp

£245.95 BAM6

Review for this item - I purchased an amethyst and silver bangle. It arrived quickly which was great, it is a lovely bangle.

pretty amethyst bracelet

amethyst cuff bangle

Amethyst and Silver Bangle with lucious Oval Gemstones

Bracelet £755.95 BAM7 Width 3cm approx

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wire wrapped silver bangle

Amethyst Bangle with Round Gems Can be made to size

£425.95 BAM9 Width 1.5cm

amethyst handmade bangle

silver square bangle with amethyst

Unusual Contemporary One off Square Cornered Amethyst Bangle

£225.95 BAM10 width of silver 3mm x3mm Inner Diameter 6.5cm

silver square bangle

oval amethyst bracelet

Amethyst Bracelet with Ovals and Silver this bracelet has a nice feel as the gems sway too and fro.

£45.95 BAM8

amethyst handmade bracelet

amethyst ovals bracelet

Amethyst Ovals Bracelet and Silver Bracelet

£78.95 BAM15

amethyst handmade links bracelet

amethyst bracelet

Amethyst and Silver Handmade Wedding Jewellery

Bracelet £72.95 Ref BAM2

pearl bridesmaids gift

amethyst links bracelet

Amethyst Bracelet and Silver Round Links Bracelet with heart charms.

£85.95 BAM13 1cm width links

amethyst handmade links bracelet

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