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round pearl necklace

Pearl and Silver Handmade Wedding Jewellery Pendant a hand crafted design combining classic pearls with a modern and unique design. The pendant resembles a flower so perfectly fitting for a special occassion. £265.95 PP67 6cm length

Review - "Having found this company online through Google search, I had no previous experience of their products or service. I was more than satisfied with the jewellery ordered, delivery was prompt and the article was of good quality. It was a birthday gift for my daughter who loves her new piece of jewellery. I will certainly buy products from Silver Wire Designs again in the future."

pearl attendants necklace

amethyst jewellery faceted amethyst in heart cage

amethyst faceted jewellery

A 6 carat Faceted oval shaped Amethyst is held within a silver heart shaped framework with a net of silver encasing it. An original concept from Silver Wire Designs and something to treasure knowing that this piece of jewellery is truly special. £785.95 PAM101 width of pendant 1.6 cm

turquoise round necklace

Turquoise jewelry

Turquoise used for generations by the native Americans here placed within a circular structure representing life itself with the many paths to be travelled. £65.95 PTUR44

Review "Searched all over for a unique turquoise necklace as a graduation gift for my best friend. Thrilled to have found Silver Wire Designs. The necklace is beautiful and clearly very well made. The transaction was simple, smooth and the necklace was received really quickly. It was superbly packaged and I wouldn't hesitate to purchase from Silver Wire again - in fact I have my eye on some bangles." - J.Davies

oval garnet jewellery

handmade garnet necklace

An elegant and almost juicy Garnet with its deep burgundy colour set on a drop shaped silver frame to create an elegant piece especially useful for evening war to complement a dress. Designs from Silver Wire Designs are talking points at occassions as people see that the designs are unique and hand crafted so will end up being a timeless addition to any wardrobe. £165.95 PG63 length 5.6cm garnet 1cm

labradorite jewellery

large aquamarine handcrafted necklace

A Labradorite gemstone with its unusual pale green colour set within a contemporary one off design is sure to be a favourite. This piece of jewellery is made in an almost chaotic pattern which adds to its individuality - a perfect gift for someone who does not follow the crowd. £64.95 PLAB13 length 5cm

turquoise heart jewellery

turquoise heart necklace

A pretty Turquoise and Silver Heart shape a gift for a loved one to make them smile. £45.95 PTUR49 length 5.3cm

Review - "Bought a turquoise necklace for myself and absolutely love it. Could see it would be nice from the website, but it exceeded expectations. Lovely design, lovely quality, really good for the price. Will use the company again, have many friends who wear silver, and thinking of presents for them as well as myself."- C Barlow

aquamarine chunky jewellery

aquamarine silver necklace

A Large Aquamarine held with a spiral top. This pendant gives the feeling of spinning or dancing. A great gift for an active soul perhaps a dancer or someone who is always busy. £235.95 PAQ16 Length 4cm Gemstone 14mm

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carnelian sheet silver pendant

handmade sheet silver necklace

An original piece of artistic jewellery made by using the traditional skill of weaving but in a non uniform style with splashes of Carnelian jutting out of the structure. This can be worn either way round so always looks pleasing. £191.95 PCAR61 width 2cm

unusual agate jewellery

blue agate jewellery

Contemporary one off Blue Striped Agate and Silver Jewellery two curves with a silver knot in between representing two people following separate paths yet uncontrollably connected. PAG26 £48.95 width of gemstone 12mm

handcrafted pearl jewelry

Pearls wrapped around an oval framework a busy piece for a busy person who likes to stand out from the crowd. £147.95 PP79 length 5cm

beautiful pearl jewellery

bow turquoise necklace

A piece of chunky Natural Green Turquoise held below a Silver Bowa really unusual piece of jewellery for an individual who is not afraid to make a statement. £44.95 PTUR48

handmade turquoise pendant

long garnet earrings

handmade garnet earrings

Garnets that almost look like bunches of grapes dangling from the ears to create an elegant look. £58.95 EG25 length 5cm

carnelian gemstone bangle

handmade gemstone bracelet

Carnelian gemstones wrapped around a silver spiral bangle style bracelet with clasp which can be made to fit the recipient if they are not a standard size. £275.95 BCAR8

citrine earrings

contemporary citrine earrings

Citrine Earrings with oval chains this design has loads of movement. Citrine is thought to attract abundance what better reason to add this cheerful design to your jewellery box? £62.95 ECIT8 length 4.5cm gemstones 6mm

garnet jewelery

garnet designer jewelery

Garnet Jewelery

Simple yet timelessley elegant Garnet Pendant. £80.95 PG36 2cm length garnet 1cm

square tigers eye jewellery

tigers eye square jewellery

Tigers Eye with its mirror like velvety quality cut into a pillow like square and incorporated into a circular holding design combining the fluidity of the circle with the solid and safe square structure. A perfect piece that can be worn on any occasion. £47.95 PTIG6

small earrings

amethyst silver earrings

Small and delicate spirals ending in round Amethysts. Earrings that can be worn throughout the day from work to evening.£42.95 EAM37 Length 2cm

peridot necklace silver jewellery

silver charm bracelet

Peridot gemstone within an oval shape held with tight and loose circles representing the more busy and mor relaxed times of every day. A versatile piece of jewellery which can add glamour to even the most casual outfit. Another original design by Semina at Silver Wire Designs. £189.95 Peridot 8mm length 4.2mm

Handmade Silver Jewellery

designed and made in the UK using a variety of techniques including silversmithing, wire wrapping, crochet and knitting of solid silver.

onyx jewellery uk design

black onyx necklace

Onyx wired into an unusal silver frame a wearable piece of art. The contrast of the black onyx with silver representing the everyday yin and yang of life. Six gemstones have been used in this piece the number six in numerology being the number of love. £57.95 Length 4.5cm

amethyst handmade sterling silver jewellery

handmade flower jewellery

Your eyes will want to follow the pattern of this silver jewellery almost in a hypnotic relaxing way. A piece of jewellery perfect for the business woman to be remind her throughout the day that she is loved when she periodically feels or catches sight of the dangling Amethyst heart. £54.95 PAM100 Length 4.5cm


jade jewellery


green jade gift

A solid strong piece of jewellery for the sporty type perhaps. The Green Jade a reminder of the strength within. £55.95 jade 1cm

Handcrafted Jewelry

Precious and Semi-Precious Gemstones

pearl jewellery handmade cuff bangle

pearl jewellery

Bespoke handmade jewellery

The statement piece of jewellery celebrated as one of the classic designs Semina created to show the designs of Silver Wire Designs at its best. This Wide cuff Bangle is perfect for a Bride or to accompany any formal event. The main structure is created with a single piece of silver to create an unusual cuff bangle and made to fit the wearer perfectly. £1250.00 BP14 Width 3-3.5cm made to order on request allow 2 weeks.

turquoise and silver handmade earrings
turquoise silver earrings

Turquoise gemstones that will move back and forth boldly in this mid length style. This design is suitable for every day wear adding a certain style to your business outfit that will transfer well into the evening after work event or dinner. ETUR 16 £47.95

aquamarine jewellery knitted silver necklace

aquamarine crocheted jewellery

Three Aquamarine Gemstones crocheted in a unique way with the gemstones poking out of the design. Three is a strong number and represents creativity. This would make the perfect gift for someone who is enthsiastic, loves life and lives it to the full.

Aquamarine Pendant £188.95 PAQ78 width 1.8cm

red jade knitted earrings

jade and silver earrings

These earrings have been hand knitted with bold red jade cubes incorporated within the design. They are lightweight so can be worn all day easily. The red shows action and three on each ear represent creativity individually yet added together as a siz also represent love so a great gift for a loved one.

Red Jade Earrings £90.95 EWRJ1 2.8cm wide

lapiz lazuli gemstone jewellery

lapiz ball pendant

Lapiz Lazuli the dark blue gemstone with flecks within it here are collected together in a pattern of four held within an unusual frame. Lapiz is the gemstone often sought after by thoe searching for the meaning of life.

Lapiz Lazuli Pendant £55.95 PLL10 length 3.7cm

aventurine handmade bangle

The earthy green Aventurine a reminder of nature is combined with Silver to create a unique handmade pece of jewellery. This bangle is perfect for the nature lover and the colour compliments many outfits. £835.95 BAV2

aventurine bangle
handmade jewellery vogue

handmade jewellery tatler

handmade silver jewellery uk


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